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At Naughty Shemales, our Knightsbridge escorts are amongst the finest and most elegant of any found in this affluent London district. It makes for one of the ideal locations to enjoy with our glamorous Knightsbridge escorts. It is largely a retail district with an abundance of shops and business that can be found in the area with its few residential areas being highly exclusive to some of London's richer residents.

The area was identified in the London plan as one if the two international retail centres in London along with the iconic London West end. If you're stuck for ideas of what to get up to with our Knightsbridge escorts then be sure to pay close attention for some of our recommendations of the best things to see and discover.

There are few places in London that can provide a more pleasant location during a warm summers day than Serpentine lake. Fed by an underground lake, this beautiful lake in Hyde Park is a hot spot amongst swimmers and boaters and whether you want to set sail with your Knightsbridge escort or simply enjoy a romantic walk around it, it makes for an intimate setting and provides the perfect opportunity to really get to know your shemale knightsbridge escort. Why not pack for the occasion and enjoy an outdoor picnic and a glass of wine in the glorious London summer sunshine.

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As we've briefly touched on, Knightsbridge is largely known for its excellent retail districts and is home to some of the best shopping in London. Perhaps its most famous shop is the iconic London superstore Harrods, where people come to pay way over the odds on everything from designer dresses to a cup of coffee and London souvenirs.

It is a fantastic experience spending an afternoon in Harrods although if you're a serious and savvy shopper then you will want to head to its younger brother Harvey Nichols, where you can find a number of designer boutique stores, and what better way to treat your escorts in Knightsbridge than with a new dress or a designer pair of heels, a statement that really shows you care.

If you're looking for a meal suitable of the class and sophistication of your Knightsbridge escort, then you are in luck as there are an abundance of high quality and Michelin star restaurants in the area, suitable for one of the most perfect escorts Knightsbridge can offer. The best of which is very much down to opinion however one of the front runners is certainly Koffmans, a local favourite with head chef Pierre Koffman boasting over 3 decades of cooking at the very highest level. Taking traditional French cuisine and adding a modern twist on a lot of the dishes. You can expect excellent local British produce cooked to its full potential. Make sure you experience the quality and glamour with our Knightsbridge escorts.