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Holborn is an area in central London and also the name of the major street running through the area called High Holborn, between Giles’ High street and Grays Inn road, in the precise location where Holborn bar once was, which was the official entrance to the city of London. The reality is that it may not be as glamorous or a luxurious as the major central London areas like Mayfair and Kensington although it is certainly well worth a visit, especially in the company of some of the most beautiful shemale escorts Holborn can supply.

The name Holborn, the pronunciation of which is still highly debated amongst locals, comes from the Anglo saxon words Hol, meaning hollow and Bourne meaning river/brook. Walking round the town its clear to see how our ancient ancestors named this town as the eastern parts of Holborn slope down towards Farringdon road and then rising again to Clerkenwell.

This rising and sloping of the landscape was built up over millennia by the extinct river fleet that once dominated the area. It was once a major tributary that flowed into the river Thames and was officially blocked off due to the fact that it was used as little more than an open sewer.

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Modern Holborn is a very different place and offers some fantastic entertainment in the company of asian and ts Holborn escorts. Holborn is one of the few places near the capital that you can almost completely escape from tourists, which is a very attractive proposition. This area has a number of excellent restaurants that are much more affordable than ones of lesser quality in London city centre.

Perhaps the finest restaurant to visit with your escorts in Holborn is the superb Shanghai blues on High Holborn WC1V 7BD. The character is certainly unique with a cross between a trendy nightclub and chinese tea room. The food however is perfectly authentic and the steamed sea bass with Shanghai chilli spice is delicious, and they also boast some of the tastiest dim sum in the capital, try the scallop and spinach dumplings with your Holborn escorts, you won’t regret it.

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After a quality meal of the magnitude with your stunning shemale Holborn escorts, why not really appreciate your companion over a few drinks. Holborn may not have the luxurious bars than are so common in central london however it does have a select few pubs with the warmth and character that give the great British pub its reputation.

One such pub is the superb Princess Louise again on High Holborn WC1V 7BW. it is a perfect example of a proper Victorian pub separated into different rooms and bars, once for the purpose of the different social classes. Now it offers quality affordable beer and great atmosphere to fully enjoy with your Holborn escorts.

When visiting Holborn with your escorts, there is one thing that you have to experience. Holborn is full with hidden subterranean gems, the most exciting of which, is the magnificent underground shelters than run parallel to a large section of High Holborn. these were built during World war II as one of 8 major shelters built around the capital. These labyrinth of chambers and tunnels not only offer an exciting experience with your Holborn escort, but a true glimpse into the reality of the war that once shook the nation.