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There are few things in life better than a gorgeous shemale with beautiful long hair, a petite frame and a delicious cock. The combination of exquisite femininity combined with the remnants of a former state of mind can be matched by only one thing: Duos. 

What is a Duo Escort? 

You’ve heard of the old saying “teamwork makes the dream work” right? Well, that universal principle is also shared in the escorting industry. The Naughty Shemales duo escorts frequently work together on a single client to make sure that they achieve double the pleasure and double the satisfaction. 
Duo escorts are able to stimulate you in ways that one person could never and provide an experience that will compete with your most erotic experiences throughout your life. They are also great for larger bookings, just make sure you go into it with an open mind and heart and you’ll have the time of your life. 

Why book a Duo Escort?

I mean, if you love our naughty ladyboy escorts and have had experience with one of them before, you’ll understand that your pleasure is their number one concern. So imagine how incredibly erotic it can be to be surrounded by two sexy Thai ladyboys with bouncy boobs and big cocks. The possibilities are endless and to be honest, it is simple maths. You have more than one hole, so why limit it to one plug? If you’re not a bottom, you’ve also got more than one weapon at your disposable to inflict incredibly pleasure.
We have compiled a range of gorgeous duo escorts below so you do not need to search for two compatible babes. These babes are experienced in working with each other and have mastered their craft so you know you’re in good hands.