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Asian Film Festival London

We’ve enjoyed it every step of the way here at Naughty Shemales, but we’re sad to say that London’s Asia House film festival will come to an end for 2016, and in this grand finale show they will be focusing on Singapore and some of its finest movie exports since the 1960’s. We think this is set to be a fantastic occasion and the perfect destination to enjoy a romantic date with our beautiful Asian escorts. Read on for more details.

Singapore has long been a destination used by British and American film producers due to its stunning natural landscapes and convenient location to South East Asia and beyond. Ever since the country gained its independence it has long been welcoming to film crews from around the world, many of these pictures were forgotten and some have become cult classics, which is precisely what this festival is in celebration of.

Its set to be a fantastic occasion and something that many of our Asian escorts are eagerly looking forward to. There will be special screenings on some of the rarest and well loved films ever to come out of Asia. the event will be curated by Ben Slater who is a senior lecturer at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Be sure to join him alongside our Asian escorts London as we will watch such classics

Pretty Polly (1967)

The Virgin Soldiers (1969)

Saint Jack (1979)

Dream of Emerald Hill (2015)

You can visit their website for further information and ticket prices. But be sure to make this an event to remember by experiencing it one of our beautiful Asian escorts.